Vice President - Prof. Constantin Barbu

Born in 1954 (Romania). Graduate of the Faculty of Philology, University of Craiova (1974-1978).
Scholar of the French Government 1977, at the University of Grenoble.
He published his first article in the Romanian magazine Ramuri (1975), then he published (1976) in the magazine of the University of Craiova the essay Luceafărul şi Bhagavad-Gita. This essay attracts the attention of Constantin Noica, the greatest Romanian philosopher (from the generation of Mircea Eliade, Emil Cioran, Eugen Ionescu).
He publishes his first book, The Essential Speech. Essay on the remembrance of Being at the Romanian Writing Publishing House (1985), preface by Marin Sorescu. A book of metaphysics received with enthusiasm and generosity by: Edgar Papu (in Flacăra magazine, Edgar Papu being an important philosopher and essayist from the interwar generation Mircea Eliade), Adrian Marino, Herder Prize winner, author Gallimard (in Tribuna magazine), Mihai Şora, author Gallimard, disciple of Mircea Eliade (in Ramuri magazine). Anton Dumitriu (the famous historian of logic) and Dumitru Stăniloae (considered the most important Orthodox philosopher of the twentieth century) send the author very special words, in private letters.
Constantin Noica writes: "Constantin Barbu - exceptionally gifted for works of erudition and literary history" (1981). Noica places him at the head of the "22" young geniuses of Romania.
Emil Cioran calls him: "an accomplice in the cult of Nothing" (1989).
Considered by Constantin Noica, Marin Sorescu and Edgar Papu "the philosopher of the young generation".
In 1989, he published A Grammar of Being which is, in fact, Hestia. An attempt to unravel the image of the world, excerpts from the Great Vacuum Crossing transsystem (a work comprising over a hundred books; it will be printed in 35 volumes of which the first 15 volumes have appeared so far).
André Glücksmann recommends him to important French government institutions as "the most important philosopher in Eastern Europe".
The philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas (author of the book Autrement qu'être ou au-delà de l'essence) recommends him for a doctorate to Jacques Derrida with a paper on the subject, Epé¬keina tēs ousías, Lévinas knowing our work (a dialogue with Lévinas on this topic appeared in the magazine Ramuri din Craiova).
In 1990, the book Eminescu e il romanticismo Europea appeared at the Bulzoni Publishing House in Rome, with Mircea Eliade, Constantin Noica, Emil Cioran, Mario Luzzi, Constantin Barbu, etc. as authors.
In 1991, at Pontica Publishing House, he published Eminescu. Poetry and nihilism.
He edited the Manuscripts of Mihai Eminescu (in facsimile), a Corpus eminescianum and the Transliterated Opera - a project from which 25 volumes have already appeared by 1996. Imagine, in Păltiniş, together with Noica, it is the biggest project of the Romanian culture. Reconstituting Eminescu's Library, he published 235 volumes out of 1250. In the Eminescu Archive, he published vol. 1-31.
In 1991, in Brussels, he received an International Prize for his essay L'UniVers et le Vers from the Maurice Carême Foundation.
He has published over 40 books of poems: The Royal Illusion, The Elegies of Absence, Versions of the Void, The Destroyed Tongue, The Book of Loneliness, Madness, and Death.
The obscure illuminations (in 10 volumes, each volume having 100 poems):
Vol. 1 - Last verses; Vol. 2 - Disaster; Vol. 3 - Madness in stripping; Vol. 4 - The rotten poem; Vol. 5 - The paper from the skull; Vol. 6 - The Forgotten Spells; Vol. 7 - Non-existent landscape; Vol. 8 - The system of cruelty; Vol. 9 - The dazzling twilight; Vol 10 - Autopsy Manual.
Self-transcripts (in 10 volumes, each volume having 100 poems):
Vol. 1 - My holy decomposition; Vol. 2 - Locked in the vacuum cage; Vol. 3 - Separation of the mind; Vol. 4 - The gray show; Vol. 5 - Eclipse in verse; Vol. 6 - Pyramid of skulls; Vol. 7 - Terrible self-version; Vol. 8 - To bypass nothingness; Vol. 9 - Poor nihilism; Vol. 10 - Self-transcripts.
Empty page (in 10 volumes, each volume having 100 poems):
Vol. 1 - The vacuum remained in ruins; Vol. 2 - Seals nowhere; Vol. 3 - Vacuum Parachute; Vol. 4 - Mental landscapes; Vol. 5 - Sketches of nickel; Vol. 6 - The Venetian Imaginations; Vol. 7 - The unicorn flight; Vol. 8 - The Sanskrit Wagon; Vol. 9 - The lyrics of the clay; Vol. 10 - Madness over the star
He has published over 35 books of essays: Non-existent Self-Version, Epé-keina tēs ousías, Poetic Conversion, Treatise on Archaea, Overcoming My Time, Hestia, The Grammar of Being, Renewing Time, The Experience of Swacuity, The Book of Shadow, The Rose Change without why (in five volumes) etc.
He printed original books by Cioran, Noica, Eli¬ade.
Some of his works have been translated into Italian, French, Swedish, English.
He edited the "Imaginary Book" Codex Aureus Dacoromanorum, 20 volumes.
Published Reverse Code. Archive of the madness and murder of the nihilist Mihai Eminescu, volumes I-XX.
He published Monumenta Romania Historica in 100 volumes (manuscripts in unpublished color facsimile from the most important 74 archives of the world).
He edited the Integral Cantemir Manuscripts, vol. 1-102 (out of the 200 designed).
He published in 100 volumes the Holy Orthodox Fathers. Extra-Romanian martyrs. The old pious. Edition in original color facsimile, including manuscripts from the archives: Vatican, Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin, Venice, St. Gallen, Freising, Fulda, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Oxford, Berlin, Munich, etc.
He has lectured and published books in the European Parliament, at the German Academy. His books are in prestigious libraries around the world:
1. German Academy
- The Complete Cantemir Manuscripts (75 volumes)
- Eminescu Archive (30 volumes)
2. National Library of France, Paris:
- The Complete Cantemir Manuscripts (25 volumes)
3. National Library of Turkey, Istanbul:
- The Complete Cantemir Manuscripts (25 volumes)
4. Boris Yeltsin Library, Moscow:
- The Complete Cantemir Manuscripts (25 volumes)
5. Library of Congress:
- The essential utterance. Essay on the remembrance of being
- Test on the foundations of the Romanian language
- Eminescu. Poetry and nihilism
6. National Library of Belgium:
- Maurice Carême - L'UniVers et le Vers
7. Luxembourg National Library:
- Maurice Carême - L'UniVers et le Vers
6. National Library of Italy:
- Mircea Eliade, Constantin Noica, Emil Cioran, Mario Luzzi, Constantin Barbu (Rome, Bulzoni, 1990)
- Eminescu and European romanticism
He was the editor-in-chief of the Romanian Writing Publishing House, 1990-1991.
He was a university lecturer at Ovidius University, Constanța, 1991-1992.
Director, Deputy Director (from 2011 to the present) of the Institute of Cantemirian History and Studies, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University of Bucharest.
He is president of the European Academy “Dimitrie Cantemir.
He is a full member of the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, ARTS AND LITERATURE, Paris, since 2020.
Receives the AESAL Poetry Prize, Paris, 2020.
He is an Honorary Doctor of the University of Kiev.
He is an honorary member of the Academy of Scientists of Moldova.