TOMITAN ACADEMY is a legal entity of private law, with the aim of establishing a Historical Archiving Center that aims to know, find, research and disseminate the historical past of Dobrogea since 655 BC

    TOMITAN ACADEMY, is established in order to identify and collect from the International Archives manuscripts written in the Tomitan school, works on their translation and publication, organizes national and international symposia, to highlight the importance of Tomis on the world map, proven importance with documents dating back less than 100 years from the founding of Rome. This highlights the fact that we are at least on par with the great civilizations of the world, which cannot boast too many cultures.

         In addition to this research activity carried out to highlight the other civilizations of the world, the great enlightened minds of Tomis, and here can be given as an example St. Dionysius the Little who makes the chronology of the planet, by establishing the principle Anno Domini, he being the first writer to bring In question the principle of the number zero, the Tomitana Academy carries out new projects bringing to light, through the Tomitan church, the historical acts of our nation, the acts of what historians once called the Dark Millennium. 

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